About Us

Boo was born...

to a very thin Turkish Angora with green eyes. 

Her owner put out an ad for rehoming the litter because local shelters ask a fee to take in kittens or strays and the rehoming fees would pay for the remaining kittens to go to the shelter or for the mother to be fixed.

When we answered the ad and discovered that the kittens were white we asked if they were deaf.

W were assured that the female kitten we were interested in could hear perfectly.

We were met outside with a tiny white ball of fur and instantly fell in love.

Our first step was to visit the vet before taking the kitten home and on the way we realized that it was deaf. 

There was no response to noise, not even a twitch.

The vet verified our suspicions and gave us another surprise. 

We did not adopt a female kitten.

Our hearts sank. 

Not only would we be introducing a male to our female kitties but...

How would we know how to take care of a deaf cat?

Maybe someone else would be more qualified...

We definitely were not taking him back to the home we had just left.

This sweet kitten would be put to sleep at most shelters because he would be considered unadoptable.

He was sickly and scared and needed love.

We had only just adopted Dot a week prior. She had been alone at a shelter and very sick. 

Her eyes were swollen shut, half of her tail was missing and she was covered in sores. 

When she began to heal, she was lonely and needed a friend.

Miss Sophia was two and a half years old and set in her ways. She was not ready to accept a young kitten.

Lucky for Boo and Dot, they were both on the same medicines to clear up infections.

Boo and Dot immediately bonded together.

Miss Sophia growled when she saw them and Dot would cower and run but Boo didn't hear her , he pounced right up to her and wanted to play.

The girls could not understand at first why he ignored every sound they made.

Soon they began to look after him...even Miss Sophia.

When he was still quite tiny, he walked through a hole in the garden fence that was too small for the girls, Miss Sophia began pacing and panicking until we brought him back inside.

We realized that for the kitties to play in the garden with us we would have to check our fences daily to be certain that they remained cat, and kitten, proof.

We took many pictures of kittens playing in the gardens and friends began to turn away from us on social media.

It was decided that the kittens would have their own Facebook page so that not all of our friends and family would be subjected to hundreds of kitty pictures.

Since that page was put up, people began to follow Boo's adventures and a social media icon was created

As Boo got older...

he became more and more curious.

Every time the door opened, he ran through it and sometimes, we didn't see him.

All that he wanted was to watch.

He wanted to see everything.

The city is dangerous enough for a kitty but a deaf kitty can not hear danger.

We put a bell on him so that he couldn't sneak past us but he still begged to go out front to watch the world.

We decided to put him in a harness and take him out on a leash.

He loved watching cars, joggers and dogs.

Soon he was walking on his leash.

Friends online began sending gifts like hats and bowties and Boo happily modelled them.

OK....maybe it took a little getting use to the hats but he learned that they made him feel more secure when he is in the park and away from home.

He has shown us on many occasions that he can remove his hats by himself. 

Boo picks his bowtie up and brings it to us to let us know he wants to go outside for a walk.

We have learned a lot with Boo, he is able to feel some sound vibrations in his whiskers or feet.

The fourth of July he began meowing at the door to go out because he could feel the boom of the fireworks.

We took him to the park to watch.

Boo's popularity grew quickly...

It wasn't long before he was contacted by small companies to try products and even an agent.

We realized that people of all ages enjoyed pictures of Boo and began a children's book series starring Boo and illustrated by pictures we have taken on our daily adventures.

When we heard about the Dallas Pet Expo, Boo attended, perched upon his human's bare shoulder andhe loved it.

He met many people who were amazed at his calm demeanor and gentle nature.

When we heard about the Dallas Pet Expo, Boo attended, perched upon his human's bare shoulder and he loved it.

Boo continues to enjoy life and is hoping that he will get more opportunities to meet the world.

maybe he might even help to change how people think of deaf animals and even people.

Being Deaf is not a disability and it should not make an animal unadoptable.

Boo would love to do meet and greets and raise awareness about special needs pets.

Maybe even to visit hospitals or schools to let people see that he is special in so many ways

Over the Holidays

Boo had many meet and greets over the holidays for his books but the adventures were the most fun! 

Boo met so many interesting people and is hoping that 2018 will be even more exciting.

Boo went to a Magical Garden Party, dressed as a caticorn, where he met fairies and magical creatures as well as a little actress dressed as an Ice Princess by the name of Maddie Lea.

Another special day was spent at the Dallas State Fair Grounds seeing the lights of "Holiday Wonder". There were feral kitties hiding from all of the strange humans but Boo could smell every place that they had been.

Mama also treated him to several pet friendly patio meals around town, including one that had live chickens begging for table scraps.

Of course one of our favorite days started out with a walk around Downtown Dallas.

There was so much to see, Boo climbed up on one of the sculptures to get a better look at all of the city.

At one point he jumped from his stroller and pulled and meowed to go inside the fire station; he climbed on the trucks and inspected the spare uniforms.

I'm not sure who enjoyed his visit more, Boo or the firemen.

After his  firehouse visit he was able to relax in a trendy little hotel called the Lorenzo.

His good friend, "Instagramcatmom" , was having her own book signing and wanted the friendliest and sweetest cat in town to sit in as "The Christmas Kitten"

With so much activity, how will we ever top that?

Follow us and find out!

A Percentage of all Profit brought in...

from merchandise, commercial or promotional activities will be donated to local rescues to help with special needs pets.

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Boo the Deaf Kitty

Contributions will enable us to order books and merchandise in bulk so that we may offer it at considerably lower prices. A portion of all profit gained through Boo the Deaf Kitty goes towards helping special needs animals and shelters who work with special needs pets.

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