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Feline Park Inspector, there's a new dog in town

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Feline Park Inspector Book - 1 - There's a New Dog in Town

Boo the Deaf Kitty has a job to do. 

He must find out who is violating park rules and report back to Mayor Franklin. 

Everyday on the job is a new adventure, but thanks to good friends and a keen sense of smell Boo is able to locate the new dog in town. 

Paperback - $14.79

Hardcover - $25.59

Ebook  - 2.99

I'm trying to find other places to print our books at a lower price. I've not seen the quality of the books but it is also available at this link

Feline Park Inspector Book - 2 - Rainy Day in the Park

Boo the deaf kitty, loves his job as the Feline Park Inspector, but when rain washes away all of the smells in the park he has to use other senses and rely on his friends to find out who has broken rules in the park.

Paperback - $14.79

Hardcover - $25.59

Ebook - $2.99

Feline Park Inspectot Book - 3 - Kitten Needs a Home

Boo the deaf kitty, has found a kitten. In this book he discovers how hard it can be to find homes for kittens and has to face his fear of the shelter.

Paperback - $14.79

Hardcover - $25.59

Ebook - $2.99

All Dressed Up 2018 Calendar

Boo has been labeled "best Dressed Kitty" across the internet and now you can have Boo in his seasonal best on your wall. Boo will charm his way from December 2017 - January 2019 wearing some of his finest outfits. You will be proud to hang this calendar up for all to see.


Kitten Fun 2018 Calendar

Boo isn't always a working figure and Internet star, first and foremost he is a kitten.

In this delightful calendar, you will see him as nature intended: big blue eyes and white fluff ,bringing  joy to everyone around him. 

If you love cats, you will love having these wonderful photos hanging in your space from December 2017 - January 2019


Weekly Planner

60 weeks of Boo!

In this undated weekly calendar, we have allowed for 5 weeks of planning in every month.

each month is filled with photos to match the season and it's holidays and designed to get you into the spirit while warming your heart.

You will look forward to each turn of the page and since the weeks are not dated this planner can be used for any year and any date.



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